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Caren and Roger

Caren Hammond

Caren has been baking cookies since she was 5 years old, when she baked them for her "Daddy." He suffered a stroke when she was 5 and he inspired her, making a fuss about her cookies and telling her, "They are the best cookies in the world." Those memories are her most precious and stayed with her all her life.

Caren moved from California to Washington state where her passion for baking continued. She spent 25 years there as a dental assistant but loved baking for co-workers and friends. As requests came in, Caren became more creative with special ingredients and flavors, and of course; real butter. That grew into making gift baskets for friends and special occasions and soon local businesses were asking her to bake cookies for espresso bars, gift baskets and at a new resort, for their "turn down" service.

Farmers Markets and Holiday Bazaars took up all Carens extra time on weekends and she found that she was so busy with her "little hobby" that it was time to retire from dentistry.

That was the beginning of the RED MOOSE COOKIE COMPANY in 2003.

Roger Wall

Born in Los Angeles in 1960, Roger moved to Cambria with his parents, Darrell and Julia Wall in 1968.

Roger spent almost 25 years as an Executive Chef in Cambria area restaurants, at Brambles Dinner House, Sow's Ear Dinner House, The Hamlet at Moonstone Gardens and The Restaurant at Ragged Point. Rogers focus on the customer and his consistent work ethic has helped his career, earning the position of executive chef at Brambles Dinner House in less than one year.

In 2009, Roger received an email from Caren Hammond, an old high school friend. Caren had opened the Red Moose Cookie Company in Washington State in 2003 and operated it successfully for six years until her back failed. Roger convinced Caren to move back to Cambria and they partnered to re-open the Red Moose Cookie Company.

The Grand Opening took place in August 2009 and within four short months they built a thriving business with a strong customer base. Red Moose Cookie Company became a booming operation and the brand was on its way to selling delicious cookies across the U.S.A. and to the rest of the world.